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iSoak Radio is a bountiful reservoir of fresh, unreleased soaking music from Julie’s weekly recording archives. Recorded at a variety of locations and ministry gatherings, iSoak provides a peaceful, spirit-filled backdrop for all types of settings ranging from background ambience at work, to relaxing at home, to church services, prayer meetings, and Bible studies, to personal quiet time, and others.

Revitalize your walk with God

iSoak Radio is the resource you’ve been looking for to keep your life filled with the presence of God. It’s perfect for creating that restful, meditative environment you desire for your own personal time of soaking, worship, prayer, or Bible study. Recorded during times of worship, prayer ministry, and just sitting at God’s feet, the music you hear on iSoak drips with the anointing and presence of God. It’s like being able to turn on your own personal soaking service wherever you are, whenever you want!

Bring peace to any setting

iSoak Radio’s customizable interface lets you tailor your current soaking music selection to meet whatever your need might be. Whether you are looking for music to sing and worship along with, to fall asleep to, as a backdrop for a prayer meeting or personal time of devotion, iSoak Radio plays music that brings the Peace and Comfort of God to any scenario.

Constantly growing

iSoak Radio’s library is regularly updated with new soaking music recordings from worship services led by Julie True and friends, so you will never run out of material to keep your soaking times fresh.

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