Quick Start

Getting started

To begin listening, point your browser to:


When logged in, this will take you directly to the iSoak Radio music player page. (If you aren’t logged in, you will be taken to a page where you can log in to your existing account). Once on the page, click the play button at the top of the music player to begin playing.

iSoak Radio gives you on-demand access to the entire library 24/7. To navigate through the iSoak Radio library, scroll down in the list of songs beneath the player controls. By default, all the music is sorted alphabetically by title. Alternatively, you can click the shuffle button in the top-right corner of the music player to randomize the playlist.

Changing the playlist

The iSoak Radio player loads the entire library by default. iSoak Radio features the ability to customize the music content you’re listening to, based on different criteria. To change the current playlist, click the link above the player that says “Choose another playlist”, or simply scroll down the page until you get to the playlist selection. Click on the button corresponding to the playlist you want to hear, and the page will reload with that playlist.

Bookmarking iSoak Radio for easy access

For quick and easy access to your iSoak Radio subscription, we recommend adding a bookmark in your browser. Exactly how to do this varies from browser to browser. For most browsers on desktop and laptop computers, the keystroke to add a bookmark is Command+D (on a Mac) or Control+D (on Windows). If you’re using Safari on an Apple iOS device, tap the Action button (New action button or Old action button), then click “Add Bookmark”.

Now that you know the basics of iSoak Radio, click here to start listening!

Need help? Visit our FAQ page, or submit a support request.

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